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What is Providing competent and well-researched academic papers of any topic is the driving force behind's fast journey to becoming the best online writing company. A big part of this success is owed to our tireless and competent professionals who willingly embrace the challenge and rigors of academic writing to further improve their skills to reach their full potentials.


What is's mission? strives to provide clients of all ages the perfect academic paper. In line with this, the company nurtures its writers by being with them in every step of their skill furtherance to achieve common goals set.
Our writers are a big part of our success thus we make sure that our policies are beneficial to them and never does the company keep its writers in the dark with regard to its policies.

Am I qualified to write for You are highly encouraged if:

  • You have a strong grasp of the English language and is ready to write academic, journalistic, creative, and technical papers;
  • You are a degree holder, preferably Master’s or PhD degree;
  • You are skilled in using the computer and have a stable Internet connection;
  • You manage your tasks well and are able to beat deadlines; and
  • You have previous writing experience.

What are the benefits of working with

  • The company offers competitive prices of up to $30 per page;
  • The company duly rewards top-performing writers through bonus schemes and similar means;
  • The company does not run out of orders for you to work on;
  • The company has a highly helpful Support Team ready to assist you in any way possible; and
  • The company gives you various means to communicate with the Support Team - Email, messaging system, phone, or live chat - should difficulties arise.

What considerations are given the utmost importance when registering with us? We place great importance on writers’ excellence and expert knowledge. We prefer applicants who:

  • Successfully pass our online Grammar Test;
  • Impress us with a well-written essay on the required topic;
  • Win us over with their witty writing samples, comprehensive resumes, and necessary diplomas and certifications; and
  • Have vast knowledge on technical and science-related subjects.

What are our writers' responsibilities? Our writers should deliver plagiarism-free products of high-quality within the deadline assigned and in line with the company's goals.

What sort of writing work is available? Opportunities for research, writing, presentations, proofreading and editing is never-ending in Our writers are given the freedom to choose which orders of a certain topic to take, or they may choose to challenge themselves with orders regarding topics outside their comfort zone. Just always remember that the more the writers upgrade their writing level, the more they get to acquire access to various sorts of order and reap the benefits of obtaining above average earnings.

If I have a full-time job, can I still apply? Yes, of course! Our freelance writing positions offer you the chance to take as many orders at your convenience. Many of our writers are usually full time professionals who want to lend their expertise to those who need help via freelance writing and earning extra.

Am I required to take a certain number of orders every month? ou are in charge of the number of orders you take. You can take orders depending on your availability. Some prefer to take advantage of peak months and take as many orders as they can while others keep to a steady working schedule. Basically, it is your call.


How much will I be paid? The payment depends on your quality and productivity as a writer. The more difficult and technical the order, the more the writer gets paid.

How often do I get paid? Should I expect my payment to be processed right after order submission? We transfer payments once a month if the earned amount has reached the minimum available with your primary payment option and there are no profile restrictions, i . e . , probation, not verified an account, payment details issue, etc.

What are the guarantees you will pay me my earnings? is a trusted institution, and as such, we foster beneficial relationships with all of our writers. Our company looks out for its writers and makes sure they are given the best deals they could get. For more information regarding our payment schemes, please go to our Rewards section. You can also check the Testimonials of our writers on working with us.

What are the payment methods available for my country? The company offers the following payment options for freelancers from all over the world: Skrill, PayPal, and Wire Transfer. You are to choose the method/s that is/are the most convenient and available in your country. PayPal details can be added per request as the option was temporarily removed from account settings. Please contact the Billing Department if PayPal is your preferable payment method.

Registration Process

How should I apply to work for your Company? Joining our team requires following three easy steps:
Step 1: Fill out our Sign Up Form;
Step 2: Pass the online test; and
Step 3: Wait for the HR Department's approval that usually takes two to three weeks.
Regardless of the outcome of registration process, each writer will be informed through email on the application that has been evaluated. Do follow up only if three weeks have passed without hearing from the company.

You have approved me, what is the next step? Your account will be active once you receive your login ID and password. Then you can start exploring our site. Having your account activated will automatically enable you to check available orders and take those you can accomplish.
If you are having problems with our site, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.

Security and Privacy

How do you use my personal information and e-mail?? All the personal information you have disclosed for the exclusive use of the company and will never be leaked to any third party. Even our customers do not have access to your personal information. Your privacy is very important to us that is why we take all the necessary steps in ensuring it.

Other opportunities

Is it possible to get some bonuses or extras with Attractive bonus packages await those who have exerted extraordinary effort in providing total client satisfaction. For more information, check our site or contact the Support Team

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It is a pleasure to do what you enjoy and get decent payment for this. Thanks to your user-friendly system, it is incredibly easy and convenient to communicate with clients, choose the most suitable orders and track my performance. It is a joy to have the possibility to contact Support representatives 24/7 who assist all my concerns politely and in a timely manner.

Pavni Poduval, Mumbai.

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