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" is one the best freelance writing companies. It encourages writers by taking time to listen to their complains in case of issues that arise. The company cooperates with the writers and gives them an opportunity to advance in their writing career." - Dun M, Kenya (Expert Writer in: Law, Marketing, Management, Political Science)


"Since I joined Asia writers, it has opened new doors of success in my life. It has enabled me pay for my school fees and upkeep, as I enhance my writing skills. It has been a haven of opportunities for me. Am proud to be working with Asia Writers and more so am happy with the way the company treats me as a writer. The company ensures that am paid my dues promptly and provides additional compensation for orders that I have written excellently. That has served as a motivation on my side to ensure that my work is outstanding. The company's support department plays an important role in ensuring that I write excellent work by acting as a link between me, the writer, and the client. They ensure this by providing client's instructions in good time as well as proof reading work submitted to ensure that it is up-to standard. Once again, I say am proud to work with Asia Writers." - Aurelio K, Kenya (Expert Writer in: Economics, Business, Management, Psychology)


"The service representatives are fast and friendly. Problems are solved immediately. Writers are consulted before changes are made. Quality Assurance Department resolves disputes fairly. Salaries are paid promptly every session. There is immense motivation through writer bonuses. The relationship between me and the company has been great. I am proud to be associated with Asia writers." - Christine Sh, Kenya (Expert Writer in: Biology, Chemistry, History, Communications and Media)


"I started working for this website around 1 year back and to sum up my experience in one word would be 'BRILLIANT'. I have worked for such freelance websites before but none of them have been as good as asiawriters. The compensation per page on this site is excellent and it is not matched by other similar websites, during the peak season all writers have plenty of orders to choose from and it offers great potential to earn a lot of money. The support staff is very cooperative and helpful, occasionally there are some problems but they are resolved easily. The website also introduced a TOP 10 writers competition with a $2000 bonus for the winner and this is also something that I haven't experienced before, a great incentive for all the writers. As a senior writer for this website I recommend all new writers to join this great website." - Shiraz A, Pakistan (Expert Writer in: Business, Finance, Mathematics, Technology)


"I have been working as a freelance academic writer for the past three years and I have registered account at four different websites. However, I take most of my orders from as all the departments here work so efficiently and are very helpful. Moreover, also offers rewards, bonuses and competition to always keep our task interesting and worthwhile. The most impressive thing about is their organization and structure. Even though we have more than 2000 registered writers, the support team is well managed to respond all our queries promptly. I think credit must be given to them for keeping us happy and acting on our feedback. I would surely recommend this to all freelance writers." - Ayeshah I, Canada (Expert Writer in: Finance, Computer Science, IT Management, Engineering)


"I was looking for a part time job but found the thing that one can do as a form of full time employment. The only difference between working with Asia Writers and being officially employed is that with Asia Writers you are not limited to any schedules. Working as an academic writer you can shape your schedule, working and having rest any time you want to. At the same time, rather competitive CPP rates allow every industrious writer to have considerable income. So, working with Asia Writers is a good opportunity to earn money while working without any pressure or stress associated with ordinary office work". - Ivan D, Ukraine (Expert Writer in: Management, Literature, Philosophy, History)


"I am very happy working with you guys. You are very professional and you keep on improving this site to make it easier for all of us." - Carolyn Pringle., Fort Knox, KY, USA


"The number of orders at is very good right now. My only wish is that the number of orders remains high." - Stephen Grant, Connellsville, PA, USA


"You have a very excellent support system. Thank you. I like the new way to access new orders. Payment is always on time. You are all wonderful." - Stella Rayfield, Nottingham, UK


"The front end, which is used by us writers is very well designed, Kudos to you all for taking the interest and initiative to make it truly remarkable. Moreover, your response to our missives is very very prompt. Thanks a lot for the same." - Marion Teeman, Beaumont, TX, USA


"I am quite satisfied with the work of the company, especially with kind, helpful and understanding people from the support service." - Emma Barber, Long Beach, CA, USA


"You have one of the best systems on the net; I have worked for three other companies, but did not like their policies or pay, and now only work for your company. Great job!" - Kathryn Griffin, Franklin, TN, USA


"I think the system is super efficient and I keep seeing the improvements every now and then. You have actually facilitated our work so that all we have to do is deliver quality papers on time. Congratulations to the entire management and staff" - Margaret Hamash, Portsmouth, UK


"The system is great! I find the communication between writer, staff and client effective and efficient. More power!" - Sara Loosemore, Basildon, UK


"Your company has helped me a lot in my finances. Thank you very much" - Nick Morrison, London, UK


"I am impressed with Asiawriters. I am eager to write several articles a week on a regular basis.
Thanks so much for the opportunity." - Shirl Smith, Milwaukee, WI, USA


"Asiawriters is really the best freelance job I've ever tried. It has good working conditions and excellent friendly support, so I hope that under such conditions the Company will prosper" - Philip Woodhouse, Benton, AR, USA

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It is a pleasure to do what you enjoy and get decent payment for this. Thanks to your user-friendly system, it is incredibly easy and convenient to communicate with clients, choose the most suitable orders and track my performance. It is a joy to have the possibility to contact Support representatives 24/7 who assist all my concerns politely and in a timely manner.

Pavni Poduval, Mumbai.

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